Saturday, February 05, 2011

Alignment Check and Fillets

Once the epoxy had cured I check the alignment of the frame.  I have a fixture that holds the frame horizontally by the BB.  I use a height gauge to check everything.  First I check the seat tube comparing one end to the other. This is how much it was out other words almost nothing (0.008" over 23").
Next I check the head tube using a straight steel rod and cones to center it on the head tube.  I compare the ends of the rod 16" apart to magnify any error on the head tube.  It was not out by much, 0.012" over 16", so I am not complaining.
Next I added the fillets to the frame joints.  I use mixture of DP-420 and glass micro spheres that forms a thick paste.  Here they are prior to and then after sanding on the head tube.
 Since this is the first frame using a Press30 size BB I had to make new UHMW plugs for vacuum bagging.
 Prior to adding the fillets the frame weighed 894g.  With the fillets sanded it was 906g.

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