Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Cross

Two cross frames just about ready for some clear coat.

BB wrap initial layers span the joint from DT to rear end.
 TT triple cable guide made from carbon wrapped titanium tube sections.  These are for solid casing from lever to derailleur/brake.
 Initial layers of HT wrapping.
 Finished HT wrapping prior to vacuum bagging and baking.
 Front of finished wrapped HT.
 Both cross frames sanded and ready for clear coat.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Cross Frame Ready for Paint

I've got the latest carbon frame 99% ready for clear coat etc.  Just need to slot the seat tube at the top and it's ready to go.

 The layers of carbon show through and even more with gloss clear applied.
The custom extended seat stay plugs to fit the ENVE rear end turned out nicely.
The frame is built for continuous casing.  This is one of the guides bonded on.  It's carbon wrapped around small a titanium tube.  They are bonded on but don't take any brake or shifting force.
Excellent clearance for 33C cross tires.  I could probably get some monster 42C tires in back and front.
Three triple top tube guides.  Again, carbon wrapped titanium bonded on.
Stay tuned for cross frame number two up next...