Monday, August 06, 2012

Road Frame 5 Complete...

...well sort of complete.  I had an issue when I bagged and cured the frame a few months ago.  The top tube went over temperature in the oven and slightly ovalized.  Not a big deal but one of those things that would bug me knowing it was wrong.  I decided to use the frame for testing and not bother with the final finishing and an expensive paint job.  It's a rattle can finish, good enough to test ride and destructive test later once a replacement has been built.
It's final weight came to 965g.  That's for a 58cm frame with ENVE molded chain stays and individual tubes for seat stays.  I moved all the Shimano Di2 components over and rewired for an internal battery.  I used the following battery which slipped perfectly inside a Ritchey WCS 27.2 carbon post.
Here is the seat cluster with the twin stay tubes and brake bridge.

Stay detail.
Brake bridge detail.
 I used some woven carbon in the joints.  In the right light you can see it clearly through the top layer of uni-directional.  Also note the nice clean brake and Di2 wire routing under the top tube.

More to come in the fall...