Sunday, September 08, 2013

Glued and Filleted

I picked up the dropout parts from anodizing and fit the seat stay assembly in the jig.  That was the last step before gluing the tubes together.  Below is the bonded seat tube joint.
Here is the head tube joint.  Prior to applying the joint fillets I rough sand the carbon (just a bit) and clean the whole frame with isopropyl alcohol.
This is a BB fillet in the un-sanded state. Once it cures I'll file and sand it to shape. The glass micro spheres in the epoxy make for easy shaping.
Weight of glued frame.  It should come in around 1050g all finished with paint. The ENVE cross rear end isn't all that light.
Lots of tire clearance here.  That's a 25mm shown.  Should be able to use a 35mm.