Friday, March 09, 2012

Chuck's Frame Finished

I picked Chuck's frame up from Stefan who did an awesome job with the matte clear over gloss clear theme.  I'll show a few teaser shots now and the rest once the bike is built up.  Here is the underside of the top tube showing the entrance to the titanium brake cable guide tube.

The matte over gloss clear looks really good with the logos.  Subtle unless you look closely.

The surface is smooth and consistent but you can see the pattern of the carbon layers through the paint at the joints.

The underside of the BB with cable guide tube.

Finally the shot Neil has been waiting for...
More to come in the next few days...and the paint weighs 28g for those who obsess over such things.  Total frame weight 1033g.

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Brent t said...

More please...very nice.