Sunday, February 17, 2013

Five New Frames

After a very long wait I finally received my order of tubes and frame components for the latest round of carbon frame building.  After these frames are complete I'll have to find a new supplier of construct my own tubing.  I don't have enough order volume to qualify for the suppliers new 2013 "builders program".

Here we start with enough tubes and rear ends to construct 3 road frames and 2 cross frames.  I'll be building the three road frames first then getting into the cross frames.
I've organized the tubes by frame and have them stored on a new purpose built shelf.  Over the next few months I'll work my way through them all.  I have a few new ideas to try and techniques to perfect.
Sorry, no build photos yet.  I'm still waiting for a missing tube which is unfortunately part of the very first frame.  Instead here we have a few CAD images of it instead.


jhofkamp said...

Thanks for the detailed info. I built my first steel frame and now trying my hand at a CF frame. I've been looking for chain stay tubes but haven't found anything at his point. Would you mind saying where you get your chain and seat stay tubes?

Glen J said...

All the tubes, chain stays, seat stays and forks are from ENVE composites.