Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carbon Wrapping

I start wrapping the head tube joint with uni-directional carbon.  I like to use long fibers that wrap around the front of the head tube to anchor the down tube.
I continue covering both sides of the head tube joint with uni-directional and fill in any small gaps to maintain a smooth joint.
I added a small piece of woven pre-preg under the down tube for a little extra strength.
Next I wrap the entire joint in 45 deg woven carbon using one large piece.  I carefully cut the carbon where it meets the center line of the frame and avoid overlap.
After completing the head tube joint with more uni-directional material I move to the BB joint and complete it in the same fashion.
Unfortunately the heat gun I use to increase the tack level and soften the pre-preg broke on a Sunday afternoon so I had to stop at this point.  Look for the complete wrapped frame and bagging process up next.


Ben Orson said...


Would you mind telling me who supplies your pre-preg? I'm working on a bike too and am struggling to find a supplier who's interested in dealing with small quantities. Great blog by the way. Thanks.

Ben. (

Glen J said...


I've been using these guys.

Ben Orson said...