Monday, June 10, 2013

Ready For Paint

After some trial end error with the cable guide molding process I was able to complete the frame, attach the guides, fabricate and bond in the brake bridge etc.

Here I'm aligning the rear brake to mark the mounting hole location.  I make sure the pads are nicely centered in the slots.
Here is the brake from behind, again, nicely centered.
Here are the final cable bosses bonded on the down tube.  They slipped a little during bonding with one sitting slightly ahead of the other.  If I bother making carbon guides again I'll make a bonding fixture for clamping them on in a fixed position.
Here is the seat cluster sanded and ready for clear coat.
And the number Neil has been waiting for...the total final weight prior to clear coat.  Given the weight of the clear on Chuck's frame this one should come in under 900g.
Time to get some paint mask cut...

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Tymen said...

very nice!