Friday, October 25, 2013

Two Cross

Two cross frames just about ready for some clear coat.

BB wrap initial layers span the joint from DT to rear end.
 TT triple cable guide made from carbon wrapped titanium tube sections.  These are for solid casing from lever to derailleur/brake.
 Initial layers of HT wrapping.
 Finished HT wrapping prior to vacuum bagging and baking.
 Front of finished wrapped HT.
 Both cross frames sanded and ready for clear coat.


Crash said...

That first photo of the BB layup reminds me of a pic I took here:

Mine was co-molded with resin infusion, hence the dry fiber, but the fiber orientation looks similar.

Beautiful frames! Your layups look awesome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information and photo's, very informative.

Have you thought much about your failure test? It seems like the micro-balloon fillet may be making the joint weaker. The bond between the prepreg and the tube is only going to be 'so' strong, and the fillet only reduces the bond area. Also, since it might not be able to handle too much compression, the glue joint fails and then the tube is free to leverage the prepreg off of the other tube and itself.

Do you think if the joint was so strong that the tube failed near the joint, that the joint would be too stiff?