Sunday, May 04, 2014

Cross Assembled and Tested

The larger of the two frames was for me.  I've put over 900km on the bike now, some of which was on very rough gravel Jeep roads.

Here it is assembled waiting for it's first ride (and for the snow to finally melt).
 Some of the detail in the seat cluster area.
The TRP front brake and re-painted ENVE fork.
This is how the heavily modified Crumpton dropouts and shortened ENVE seat stay molding turned out.  Note the stay cable guide.  I used solid casing from bar to derailleurs on this bike to keep everything running smoothly.
In April I was riding in South Carolina and finally, having the right bike along, did a loop using Horsepasture Road.  It's a Jeep road located in the Jocassee Gorges Management Area.  Horespasture Info

After riding the loop I'd suggest a 29r over a cross bike.  34x28 low gear and 33C tires were not ideal for riding this loop given the steeper pitches, loose surface in places and my poor spring climbing form.
The view from Jumping Off Rock lookout was more then worth the climb though.
If nothing cracked or broke on the frame on the bone shaking descent I can't see it being an issue where I normally ride.


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